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In today's challenging healthcare environment, inpatient, outpatient, rehabilitation, and long-term care providers must reach new levels of quality, accountability, and efficiency in the services they provide. 

Unicentric's Servicexpert Suite helps physicians, therapists, and other care givers rise to the challenge with a comprehensive set of applications supporting the continuum of care, including registration, census, scheduling, billing, and contract management functions.  Servicexpert enables more informed care, improved patient safety, better clinical decision making, and increased efficiency.

Servicexpert may be adapted to changing regulatory and functional requirements through a set of integrated design tools.  The tool set enables changes to data capture screens, workflow, and reporting without modifying the code base, ultimately leading to a more stable, supportable, and cost-effective system that evolves as the needs of your organization evolve.   

Unicentric has proven time and again that Servicexpert is the best choice when it comes to optimizing revenue, improving service levels, and enhancing quality of care with an adaptable, cost-effective IT solution. 

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"Unicentric offered to us the ability to manage clinical files for our three departments, schedule appointments, bill insurance companies, run clinical and financial reports, and utilize email all under one central system."

Jennifer Mars
Accounts Receivable Manager
Associated Behavioral Health




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Is your organization in a different industry or have unique needs?
Off the shelf solutions don't always fit.  Unicentric software is built with a methodology that can easily extend to the development of custom solutions. Building off of existing modules where possible, our design and build process can deliver a custom solution at the right price.

For more information, contact a custom solution specialist.