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xInk™ Digital Writing
Certain information is more easily captured the old-fashioned way—on paper with a pen.  The xInk Digital Writing system allows entering handwritten information on enabled paper forms (i.e. site visit reports, client assessment, etc.; at any location including in the field).  The system leverages innovative technology that places a miniature digital camera in the tip of a pen to capture handwriting strokes as they are written on the page.
When the form is complete, the pen is docked, the information is downloaded and synchronized with the Servicexpert database, and handwriting converted into data for management, tracking, and reporting on clients without the need for transcription and manual data entry.  Unlike tablet PC solutions, use of the xInk system results in an original paper copy of the completed forms, which may include signatures, and provides a non-intrusive input capability.
• Convert handwritten (even cursive) information into digital data
• Enable automatic reporting against data in forms completed by hand
• Create and preserve original paper copies
• Capture handwritten signatures and include them in the digital records, complying with State and Federal guidelines.






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