New Projects

We're always working to improve our products with fresh ideas.   Here's what we're working on lately:


Food Pantry/Warehouse Modules

Our team is dedicated to making the lives of people who help other people easier.  Many of our client organizations help people through the vital work of ensuring that nobody goes hungry.  These organizations work tirelessly to help communities in need by running and maintaining food pantries and the warehouses that help keep those pantries stocked. 

Our new modules will go a long way towards ensuring that working hours are spent working with clients - not filling out paperwork and dealing with logistics.  By leveraging both proprietary code and industry-proven best-practices, the Food Pantry & Warehouse Modules for servicexpert showcase robust capabilities through simplistic and intuitive design, allowing pantry clients the ability to shop with dignity and self-sufficiency while still allowing for pantry volunteers and professionals to assist at every stage of their pantry's process.  The Pantry dashboard allows for client check-in and check-out, advanced scheduling, custom menu building, and much more.

In the Warehouse, professionals logging in to their Unicentric dashboards immediately have a real grasp on all things pantry support.  Our module allows for real-time understanding of inventory stock levels, coordinating the ordering process, as well as tracking shipments, inventory reception, and billables, all in one convenient and secure space.

On the Pantry side, our new module allows for menu coordination, balanced-diet planning, easy check-in/out, and pick-up or delivery scheduling; all while maintaining connectivity to back of house operations. 

Event Recorder

Our Event Recorder module will make it easier than ever for human services professionals to track client care - without the mountain of paperwork that usually comes with it.  Highly customizable and offering the same ease of access that our secure user portals do, service providers can log in in real time and update client files with whatever they are required to track.  The event recorder is not limited to clients however.  Organizations can track facility and front-of-house items such as client sign-in, safety drills, and much more.