Our Story

Since 1983, the Indianer Computer Company (ICC) has provided technology solutions to over a thousand customers, first to those primarily within the insurance industry and over time expanding into a focused concentration of expertise in technology for healthcare, human services, and government agencies.  In 2001, Unicentric was founded by ICC's leadership to focus solely on the healthcare and human services markets, launching its flagship product - the servicexpert system.  The more recently added legalxpert system based on our same case management platform, focuses on the needs and desires that servicexpert serves, and represents a planned expansion into the legal field.

Our Mission

Here at Unicentric, we take a partnership approach to building and servicing client solutions.  The service management system was built to accommodate the needs of a diverse set of health and human services organizations.  We combine the ease of installation of an off-the-shelf system with the flexibility of custom application.

Rather than asking our customers to change their operational processes to fit into the system, we take a different approach.  Unicentric leverages over 20 years of custom software experience of its parent, ICC, to offer a platform and features with the greatest amount of adaptability while keeping customization costs relatively low.

We follow a build-to-suit model, so that the system is adapted to support your 'best practices', the business processes that make your services unique and great.  We customize modules to support your specific programs and activities.  We also employ a wide array of embedded tools such as the Form Designer and Report Designer that allow us to customize modules centered on forms, reports, and workflows at a fraction of the cost of a traditional systems integrator or custom software provider.  This set of tools has allowed us to lower the cost of customization to the point where we can offer ongoing changes to the system as part of our service package.  You can feel comfortable in knowing that when regulations change, grants are received, or the board of directors asks for changes, the system will adapt to the new requirements and won't require a new investment.

We recognize that Unicentric's success is based upon the success of our customers.  To that end, we value our ability to understand your mission, your goals, and to apply our expertise to helping you help more people.

Our Offices

Unicentric began at the ICC offices in Pittsburgh's historic Strip District and was collocated with ICC.  In late 2015, Evan purchased the former site of the Bethel Baptist Church and Agudath Achim Synagogue in nearby Braddock, PA, renovating the venerable old building for new life as a software innovation hub for Unicentric.