Unicentric's signature product; the servicexpert Suite is an enterprise platform on which we configure specialized case management and service delivery business applications tailored to each customer's unique needs.  The applications, hosted by Unicentric or by the customers, are used in providing and documenting service to clients, processing transactions, managing operations, ensuring compliance, and billing payers. The platform leverages our data, form, report, and workflow engines with common business commodities email, calendaring, contact management, and document management to automate front and back-office processes, billing, and accounting.  Configuration and specialization take place at the application layer, producing a true custom solution without the effort or cost of adding or changing the underlying code of servicexpert.


Featuring many of the same great hallmarks of our servicexpert platform, legalxpert is designed with the legal field in mind.  Users logging in will have the same easy to navigate dashboard, but will have the ability to delve deeper into case file management and a more robust accounting feature.  Track multiple client accounts, plug in new transactions, and more utilizing a sleek new interface that makes servicing clients and tending the bottom line a breeze.

Electronic Records

Streamline management and storage of charts, notes, and other documents.  Convert existing paper documents into electronic records.  Organize information through an integrated document management system.


Share staff calendars to coordinate schedules.  Review and approve auto-generated staff time sheets.  Coordinate, track, and understand time spent across programs, departments, locations, and staff.  Fully integrate with mobile access and always be connected.

Case Management

Consolidate all of the case activities of clients or groups of clients into electronic case files to increase the efficiency of case management.  Easily manage and reference the case histories of clients from anywhere.

Custom Screens, Workflow, and Reporting

The xDesign Suite allows authorized users to duplicate paper forms in electronic format and integrate them into an electronic workflow.  The toolset has a menu-driven, drag-and-drop interface for easy design and use.

Integrated Billing

Connect the point of service with back office operations to reduce billing cycles and increase billing accuracy with Unicentric's xBill.  Coordinate scheduling, client, service, and payer information through one interface.  Complies with HIPAA & EDI rules.

Outcome Reporting

Incorporate outcome measures into your workflow.  Generate reports to prove the impact and success of your programs and win more money from funders.

Client Management

Manage individuals and groups of clients.  Restrict access to clients by staff credentials.  Manage attendance at individual and group sessions.  Keep track of client check-ins, followups, and referrals.

Program/Service Modules

Modules support your specific data capture, workflow, and reporting needs for programs in areas such as counseling, rehabilitation, medication management, families with special needs, housing, career training/transition assistance, crisis management, education, and more.


additional products


Connecting the back office with the point-of-service is vital to optimizing revenue.  xBill/xAR, servicexpert's Billing and Accounts Receivable module, keeps a seamless workflow from intake to third-party payment reconciliation, streamlines billing by initiating the start of the billing process earlier in the service cycle, and collects funds earlier and more accurately.

  • Shorten billing cycles.
  • Track authorizations.
  • Increase billing accuracy and eliminate unaccounted billable events.
  • Coordinate client, service, and payer information through one interface.
  • Review and approve billable items at multiple points throughout the service lifecycle.
  • Maintain accountability from service provision through billing.

Compliance with federal guidelines is a vital activity for certain service organizations. xEDIT is an optional component of xBill that creates electronic files in compliance with HIPAA EDI standards such as 837s, 835s and 997s. With an understanding that these regulations can change, Unicentric keeps all file makers up to date with the latest standards. In addition, servicexpert can exchange data through WebMD or directly with the payer.


xtranet system

Direct access is a major concern for many organizations; whether it is ensuring that staff are able to do their jobs outside of the office, or allowing clients to directly interact with the system, user portals make it possible. 

The xtranet System also enables third parties, such as partners or clients, to access a limited set of information on the system. Depending upon their privileges, third parties can read or post information in client case files.

Our platform is supported with your active lifestyle in mind.  Log in at the office, from a tablet, or from your smartphone on the go.