Unicentric's professional staff is made up of a group of incredible individuals who have the skills and experience necessary to make your investment in technology a success.



Implementation & Training Services

Unicentric's implementation methodology is based on industry standard project management and software implementation methodologies to ensure regimented delivery dates and minimize unnecessary customer involvement.  Unicentric and our customers each designate a single point of contact (SPOC) to facilitate and coordinate all communications between the parties.

The deployment is arranged in six phases: kickoff, initial investigation and discovery, implementation, validation, refinement, and closure.  Training is offered through a Web-based training program or through on-site training services.

Implementation services also includes optional integration with third-party systems, such as accounting systems, authorization systems, or payer systems.  We can leverage our years of systems integration experience to accommodate your needs.


Support Services

Unicentric offers a range of support services to our clients to suit their budgetary and business needs.  Online, email, and phone support are all options for contacting Unicentric and getting the help you need.  Whether you need mission critical support, or basic operational support, when you're our client, we're there for you.



The servicexpert Suite may be licensed as a SaaS solution (server hardware and software is provided, hosted, and managed by Unicentric) or as a local solution (installed on customer provided server hardware and software.)


Consulting Services

With over 34 years of institutional knowledge, we understand that your organization's programs and activities are always evolving.  Regulatory agencies, funding sources, and legislative bodies are constantly moving the bar for achieving success and ensuring you're in compliance with the law. 

To help you respond to this changing environment, Unicentric's consulting practice ensures that key business processes are in place to support operational efficiency, performance measurement, and outcome reporting.  Our focus is to ensure the infrastructure is in place to support long term success in the face of changing requirements.